Leading Supplier of Timing Devices in Scandinavia

Crystals / Oscillators / RTC / Filters / RF/Microwave / Opto / Sensors / Termistors / LED / Power Supplies / Antennas

KVE Kvartselektronik is the leading company in Scandinavia of Timing Devices. We have over 70 years of experience In House. We are always ready and on our toes regarding News, updates in Approvals, Certifications and Regulations. Our technical skills within the field of Timing Devices is high and we are looking forward to be a part of your project and help you find the best product to your application.

As we use to say.  - We help you keep the speed on your PCB!

KVE has increased our Linecard with Power Supplies.

Eposn SMD.png

Epson one of the Leading Manufacturers of Timing Devices.


  •  Crystal Oscillators
    • Programmable Oscillators
    • TCXO / VCXO / SAW Oscillators
    • Simple Packaged Oscillators kHz / MHz
  • RTC (Real Time Clocks)​
  • Crystal Units
    • kHz / MHz / SAW Resonators & Filters
  • Sensors
    • Gyro Standard / Gyro Automotive / Pressure
  • Timing Module
  • Automotive Solutions
   Kontakta Oss 
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Mornsun-Power is one of the most innovative manufacturer of AC/DC and DC/DC modules.

They have over 1000 patents within the field of Power Supplies. Mornsun hav egone from one of the leading manufacturers of AC/DC and DC/DC for PCB to also be an important manufacturer of enclosed AC/DC and AC/DC for DIN Rail.

Contact Us and we will help you find the best Power Supply for your product and project. Contact Us

  • AC/DC and DC/DC for PCB

  • Enclosed Power Supply for Chassi/Panel Mount

  • Control IC for PCB

  • DC/DC Regulators

  • LED Driver IC

  • Power Module for SiC/GaN Gate Driver

  • Isolation Amplifier

  • RS232 and RS485 Transceivers

  • Power Supply for DIN Rail

  • Signal Isolation - Isolation Amplifier

Mornsun Enclosed ACDC.jpg
Mornsun ACDC Open Frame.webp
Mornsun Products_DCDC.png
MARL Logo.jpg

Marl is a manufacturer with over 45 years experience in working with LEDs and adapting LED technology for innovative indication and lighting solutions for a wide range of sectors.

Marl is about more than LEDs - our industry experience has helped evolve the company into a sophisticated systems solutions provider of ruggedised electronic systems, as particularly favoured for applications in transport and the military.

Backed by a highly talented team of electronic design experts and in-house manufacturing facilities, including a high tech SMT production facility, we can capture your concept and provide ongoing support from concept through to design, prototyping, testing and manufacturing.


Amotech are planning to take the next step to be the leading manufacturer in the World of components for Communication, Automotive and Energy.


  • Ceramic Capacitor Solutions
    • High Q MLCC / High Power MLCC
    • Broadband Capacitors
    • Large Caps (X7R, X7S & X5R)
    • 3 Terminal Filter

  • ESD / EMI Solutions
    • Protection Devices​
    • EMI Filters
    • Ferrite Materials & Sheets
    • Solid - Electrolyte Ceramic 
  • Antenna Solutions
    • NFC / Short Range
    • GNSS / Cellular
    • ISM & LPWA
    • UWB Module

  • Motor Solutions
    • Small Fan Products / xEV Cooling
    • Actuator
    • High Power
    • Washing Machine Motors