Environmental Policy

KVE's environmental policy requires that the operations are conducted in such a way that:

  • it does not contribute to the emptying of Earth's finite stocks of raw materials or their residue spread and allowed to grow in the wild.

  • it does not contribute to the persistent nature of foreign substances are spread or allowed to grow in the wild.

  • energy and resources are used as efficient as possible.

  • we do not have any fraction of unsorted waste.

  • we to a great extent as possible put the environmental criteria on the agenda in the choice of suppliers.

  • we always meet the conditions for the current national environmental laws, regulations and rules for our business.

Climate Compensation

KVE has an active environmental commitment and we want to help to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide. We have therefore chosen to Climate Compensate for the outlet of carbon dioxide caused by our company's business by planting trees and bying allowances. Climate Compensation is no long-term solution to climate change, in the future the long-term energy we consume must be completely renewable. But until then we see no other alternative but to compensate the greenhouse gases that remain after the measures we have taken to reduce our emissions