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KVE Kvartelektronik AB represent JQL Electronics in Sweden


JQL Technologies, is a leading manufacturer of RF and microwave devices, including filters, isolators & circulators, directional couplers, power divider/combiners, hybrid, termination and etc.

Founded in 1996, JQL Technologies Corp., designs and manufactures High Performance RF/Microwave components for a wide range of applications, such as wireless, public safety, satellite and etc. JQL has design center and manufacturing facility in USA and China.

With its global sales force, JQL is able to provide customer service across the world 24/7. Our track record of excellent product solutions and customer service over the past 20 years has made JQL a valuable business partner to our customer globally.  Contact Us


KVE Kvartelektronik AB represent KVG (Quartz Crystal Technology GmbH) in Sweden


KVG is a leading manufacturer of "Rugged" Crystals, Oscillators and Filters. KVG are located in Germany.

KVG is well established  in markets like Space, Military, Medical and Industry.  Contact Us

Fire at AKM

In October 2020, a factory belonging to AKM suffered a major fire. Fortunately, no human casualties were reported, but the factory was seriously damaged and the production tools were destroyed, which means that production had to be stopped completely.
AKM is a major supplier of ASICs for oscillators and TCXOs, so this will have a long-term impact on the delivery and availability of these. At this stage, it is unclear if and when AKM can restart operations, but it is expected to endure at least most of 2021. As AKM delivered circuits to 80-90% of the world's TCXOs, the market has been drained of similar products.
For many constructions there are solutions available and we are happy to assist in verifying your actual needs and suggest possible alternative solutions.

Long delivery times

Several suppliers suffer from problems delivering components at the desired rate. In several ways, this is caused by the Covid 19 pandemic in the world. Restrictions on mobility mean that workers cannot get to the factories to the desired extent, which lowers the pace of production. Raw materials can also not be provided for the same reason. Once the products are manufactured, there are fewer air transports available and when passenger flights don’t have the same frequency, goods must be sent by pure cargo flights. This means that shipping costs have risen sharply in addition to the reduced regularity.
We advise all customers to place orders well in advance and to provide us with forecasts for as long as possible.


Utbrottet av det nya coronaviruset med sjukdomen COVID-19 ger en del utmaningar för elektronikbranschen. Några leverantörer till KVE är drabbade av nedstängningar av myndigheter i olika länder. Det är svårt att ge generella uttalanden, men vi gör vad vi kan för att hålla våra kunder informerade.

Vill man veta mer är det bara att höra av sig till oss på eller 08-56470800.