About Us


We started our operations already in the 50's and manufactured our own crystals until 1990.  

Since then, KVE has evolved to being the leading supplier of Quartz components. We have kept the great collected knowledge of crystals and oscillators within the company. This is now of great benefit to our customers in the form of technical support, Measurement services and evaluation / monitoring of our new suppliers and their products.  

Today KVE represents some of the world's most renowned crystal manufacturers and with the help of our manufacturers' product offerings, we can now offer our customers a full range of Quartz components. Epson Toyocom, Hosonic and Hooray are the names of some of our suppliers and you can read more about all of our manufacturers under the tab "suppliers".

In order to meet our customers' wishes and expectations we have in recent years expanded our product portfolio as follows:

  • LEDs from Marl.

  • NTC resistors from Semitec.

  • Sensors from Nippon Ceramic(Nicera).

  • Antennas from Amotech.

  • Radiomodules in the ISM bands from MIPOT.

We look forward to assisting you. 

Welcome to Kvartselektronik AB